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Cav Injection Pump Head 7185-197L 6CYL Lucas  China LutongHF
  • Cav Injection Pump Head 7185-197L 6CYL Lucas  China LutongHF
  • Cav Injection Pump Head 7185-197L 6CYL Lucas  China LutongHF

Cav Injection Pump Head 7185-197L 6CYL Lucas China LutongHF

6.69 CNY

Component:Fuel Injection System Parts

Net Weight: 1.9kg

Trademark:China Lutong

HS Code:8409 9999

Body Material:Steel



Cav Injection Pump Head 7185-197L  6CYL Lucas  China Lutong



China-Lutong is serving Diesel Injection Industry for more then 20 years. Company is producing Quality replacement parts & repair kits for diesel injection systems, and operates in national and international markets. Over 20 years of experience in the fuel system field, a presence in more than 20 countries, over 1500 different types of Injection Pump Head Rotors. We have been ISO9001/UNI ISO 9001:2008 certified since 2010.


We offer a varied range of top quality Rotor Head. Owing to their superior quality, high performance, smooth functionality and high durability, these products are widely used in various applications in automobile industries. They are manufactured with the latest modern technologies using premium quality raw materials procured from certified vendors. Compliant to the international quality standard, our precision-engineered products are available in different sizes and dimensions at competitive rates.


Our offered Diesel Pump Rotor Head is precisely developed for commercial places. Our offered product is highly admired in the market for its exceptional performance and longer working life. These products are made by our experts who have years of practice in this realm. Our experts use avant-garde technologies that are effortless to work to client end. Apart from this, our valued clientele can avail this product from us at little price.

Lucas Cav DPA Injection Pump Parts

Name Item Classification Stamping
head rotor 4CYL 7189-376L 7189-376L
head rotor 4CYL 7189-267K 7189-267K
head rotor 4CYL 7189-187L 7189-187L
head rotor 6CYL 7185-918L 7185-918L
head rotor 6CYL 7185-917L 7185-917L
head rotor 6CYL 7185-913L 7185-913L
head rotor 6CYL 7185-727L 7185-727L
head rotor 6CYL 7185-645L 7185-645L
head rotor 6CYL 7185-626L 7185-626L
head rotor 4CYL 7185-547L 7185-547L
head rotor 4CYL 7185-197L 7185-197L
head rotor 6CYL 7185-196L 7185-196L
head rotor 6CYL 7185-114L 7185-114L
head rotor 6CYL 7185-023L 7185-023L
head rotor 4CYL 7183-165L 7183-165L
head rotor 6CYL 7183-156L 7183-156L
head rotor 4CYL 7183-136K 7183-136K
head rotor 4CYL 7183-129K 7183-129K
head rotor 4CYL 7183-128K 7183-128K
head rotor 4CYL 7183-125L 7183-125L
head rotor 4CYL 7180-977S 7180-977S
head rotor 4CYL 7180-973L 7180-973L
head rotor 6CYL 7180-967L 7180-967L
head rotor 4CYL 7180-965L 7180-965L
head rotor 3CYL 7180-927S 7180-927S
head rotor 4CYL 7180-819U 7180-819U
head rotor 6CYL 7180-722U 7180-722U
head rotor 4CYL 7180-698U 7180-698U
head rotor 6CYL 7180-678S 7180-678S
head rotor 6CYL 7180-668W 7180-668W
head rotor 6CYL 7180-655L 7180-655L
head rotor 3CYL 7180-650S 7180-650S
head rotor 4CYL 7180-647U 7180-647U
head rotor 3CYL 7180-613W 7180-613W
head rotor 6CYL 7180-611W 7180-611W
head rotor 6CYL 7180-600L 7180-600L
head rotor 6CYL 7180-572Y 7180-572Y
head rotor 6CYL 7139-91Y 7139-91Y
head rotor 6CYL 7139-908T 7139-908T
head rotor 3CYL 7139-764T 7139-764T
head rotor 3CYL 7139-764S 7139-764S
head rotor 3CYL 7139-709W. 7139-709W.
head rotor 6CYL 7139-360U 7139-360U
head rotor 6CYL 7139-235G 7139-235G
head rotor 4CYL 7139-130T 7139-130T
head rotor 6CYL 7123-909U(908U) 7123-909U
head rotor 6CYL 7123-909T 7123-909T
head rotor 6CYL 7123-709W 7123-709W
head rotor 6CYL 7123-349U 7123-349U
head rotor 6CYL 7123-345U 7123-345U
head rotor 4CYL 7123-344W 7123-344W
head rotor 4CYL 7123-344U 7123-344U
head rotor 4CYL 7123-344S 7123-344S
head rotor 4CYL 7123-344R 7123-344R
head rotor 4CYL 7123-340W 7123-340W
head rotor 4CYL 7123-340U 7123-340U
head rotor 4CYL 7123-340T 7123-340T
head rotor 4CYL 7123-340S 7123-340S
head rotor 4CYL 7123-340R 7123-340R
head rotor 4CYL 7123-340M 7123-340M
head rotor 3CYL 708W 708W
head rotor 4CYL 698U 698U

color: black
Company type: Manufacturer
Workers: 300
Established time: since 1982
Information is up-to-date: 04.11.2021

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