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Delphi dp200 parts 7189-267K 4cyl delphi dpa pump parts
  • Delphi dp200 parts 7189-267K 4cyl delphi dpa pump parts

Delphi dp200 parts 7189-267K 4cyl delphi dpa pump parts

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Country of manufacture:China

delphi dp200 parts 7189 - 267K 4cyl delphi dpa pump parts

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If a certain fixed quantity of air - or anyother gas - is confined in a closed container and then heated, the pressure inside the container will rise. If one of the walls of the container is moveable, the internal pressure will push that wall outward with a certain amount of force, according to

how much heat was put into the trapped gas.  That, in a nutshell, is the working principle of all internal combustion engines: Each cylinder is a closed container, and each piston represents a moveable wall of that container; the heat is supplied by the burning of a fuel, usually gasoline, and the trapped gas is whatever mixture of gaseous compounds left over after the burning. Meanwhile, the other moving parts of an engine are there for one or the other of just

two supporting functions. The "bottom end" converts the movement of the pistons into rotary motion and, by returning them to the top of their strokes, restores the closed containers to their original size; the valve gear and everything else at the "top end" are there simply to provide for the emptying out of the spent gasses and the refilling of the cylinders with a fresh charge of burnable mixture.

This may all seem very obvious to anyone with even the most basic understanding of how engines work, but lurking within the simple facts outlined above is a wealth of detail. Consider the fuel, for example. Some fuels contain more chemical energy per pound than others, and so can produce more heat when burned. Even limiting the discussion to gasoline, the fact is that ordinary pump gasoline is a mixture of hundreds of different flammable compounds, and each of those compounds has a different potential ability to generate heat when burned. The exact nature of the mixture of these compounds varies from one pump to another and from one season to the next, so a pound of gasoline from one pump on one day might release somewhat more or less heat when burned than would a pound from another pump, or from the same pump on some other day.

#delphi dp200 parts 7189 - 267K 4cyl delphi dpa pump parts#
#delphi dp200 parts#
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#delphi dp200 parts & delphi dpa pump parts#


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Country of manufacture:China
Plant manufacturer:china-lutong diesel parts
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